Custom Wedding Bands

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The Wedding Band

At Karenna Maraj Jewelry Collection, we specialize in custom made bridal jewelry. Experience our personal service and delicate craftsmanship. Dealing directly with the artist who designs and creates your special piece makes certain that it will match your vision. You can browse through our custom artists' gallery or create your own individual piece. Any design or metal is possible, and we always try to match the wedding ring perfectly with your engagement ring. We also have a wide selection of ready made engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry sets that you can look at. Send us your ideas, designs, or links and we will hand draw a design for you. To schedule an obligation-free consultation at our store please call 617.484.0645 or Email Us

We put together this quick guide to help you make the decision easier:


The wedding ring symbolizes love, devotion, honor, commitment and respect. The ring in its simplest form is an endless circle, which means forever, never ending love. The symbolism has stayed the same throughout time and over continents, I love you and I want to be with you forever.

The look of the wedding ring has changed as different civilizations have changed it to look more and more beautiful. From the caveman's simple cord to today's diamond styles..

Why Choose Us

At Karenna Maraj we offer top quality jewelry we are proud to sell and is made it in our workshop. We take responsibility for the whole process and guarantee stand the test of time. Our guarantee is as solid as they come.

Within all that, we offer exceptional value. We aim to be able to compete on quality, design and price with the best there is.

Consultation & Design

For the consultation the most important thing is your imagination. Feel free to bring in pictures from magazines, online, or your own sketches and ideas. This will be very helpful to get started. During the consultation, you will be asked many questions that will be used to figure out exactly what you need and want.

We will discuss possibilities and then finalize and review the process with you. A quote for your project will also be provided.

How Long

Most design projects take 3-4 weeks from start to finish. After the initial consultation, you will see the start of your project within a week. Please let us know what you circumstances are and we will try to meet your needs.


There are many factors to think about when deciding on a wedding band. We suggest that you choose a ring that is appropriate for your lifestyle; Type of metal, width of band and comfort are essential. You should also choose a band that reflects your personality; What designs do you like, should your band have gemstones, or will you choose matching bands. Woman should consider the look and feel next to their engagement ring if they decide to wear them together.

These tips should make it a bit easier to decide. After all, it is a ring that you will be wearing for a long time! So it is important you choose a ring that is not only appropriate for your lifestyle and personality but one that is comfortable to wear and fits within your budget.

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