Trauma to Art

Dear Readers/Artists/Jewelry Fans!

I had the pleasure of meeting Karenna Maraj in her studio over two years ago. After striking up a conversation about creativity and business and jewelry, of course, we exchanged contact info.

Not too long after I contacted her about doing an art workshop in her studio space for an organization I was getting ready to start called Trauma to Art Inc. -- an org helped teens and young adults cope with the loss of loved ones through creativity, establishing new rituals and community contribution.

She said yes, without hesitation.

Karenna generously donated the materials for the workshop and led us in our very first workshop. The workshop concept is simple: to bring a group of people who had experienced loss together to create and learn from someone who is passionate about art.

My favorite memory of the event was a story Karenna told about opening her studio. She said a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design had students write themselves letters about how they hoped to be doing five years after graduation. She received her letter, which said she would have a studio. And that was it.

Since that workshop, Karenna has been kind enough to donate space to sell our LIve Your Dreams necklaces. Each necklace is made with 5 beads to bring the recipient a lifetime of abundance, love, confidence, happiness and goodwill. They are on sale at KM for $25 with all of the proceeds (Thanks to Karenna!) going to support Trauma to Art.

Click here to learn more about Trauma to Art's mission and work within the community.  --

Much love,
Lauren Muscarella
Founder of Trauma to Art

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